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We love acting, drama, and the theater. We want to help you and your kids love it, too! We provide royalty-free scripts and other materials to help you out.

Scripts for kids

Help kids become unique, self-actualized individuals, able to express themselves, parroting no one, creating, and articulating their own thoughts and feelings.

How? Hand 'em a script and make 'em learn their lines.

Title Author Summary Other Formats
King Solomon and the Baker Leo Heska Greedy baker gets his due. text
Hansel and Gretel Leo Heska Parents abandon 2 kids in forest. Kids outfox evil witch, find their way home. text
Coyote and the Frost Giant Ashley Heska Coyote outfoxes Frost Giant, lives. text
Susan and Her Brothers Chris Guyotte A girl finds that she has her own strength.
Domingo Siete Ashley Heska, Leo Heska The adventures of two hunchbacks, fairies, and Ogres. Based on a Mexican folk tale.
The Lantern and the Fan Ashley Heska, Leo Heska Young wives' quest. Invention of lantern and fan. Based on a Japanese folk tale.
The Monkey and the Crocodile Leo Heska Monkey outwits crocodiles. Based on a folk tale from India.
Meat of the Tongue Leo Heska Sultan learns to nourish his wife emotionally.
I'll Be Wiser Next Time Leo Heska Jack makes dumb mistakes.

Scripts for grownups

Title Author Summary Cast Size Role Descriptions Notes
The Book of El Leo Heska Rabbis query the deity "Why?" and get answers. 9+ 5m, 2f onstage 1+ m, 1+ f offstage Based on a story by Daniel Munksgaard
m: male f: female e: either male or female ns: non-speaking os: offstage

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