We meet in Batavia, Illinois at approximately noon on Fridays.

Young Philosophers is a drop off activity, but parents are of course welcome to observe, from a discreet distance. No participation, coaching, or intervention of any kind, please. In the unlikely event that you notice something "not working" for your child, rather than intervening with the group and/or discussion, please simply remove your child from the group and room. Some of our venues are smaller than others and parental/observer comfort can not be guaranteed. In case of multiple observers, it's generally necessary to ask for your complete silence. Kids this age are very easily distracted and even if you exchange just a few quick words, the children's attention can be drawn "over there" (and away from what's going on) as if by a powerful magnet.

To participate, your child should be old enough/developmentally ready to sit (without mom or dad) in a circle with other children for one hour, reading, being read to, and discussing.

The Young Philosophers workshops are for children ages 6 through 9. We are currently planning a second workshop for 10- to 12-year-olds.