Do you like to read books?

Do you like it when people read books to you?

Do you like to talk about the books you read?

Come read with us, and talk about books.

Club Rules

We have two rules.
  1. Play fair. This is how we behave during our discussions.
    • We raise hands to tell the leader we have something to say.*
    • We take turns. Sometimes this means we have to wait.
    • We speak clearly and politely.
    • Before we speak, we listen, we pause, we think.
    • We respect what is said and the person who says it.*
    • We talk about what's said, not the person who says it.
  2. Everybody helps. This is what we do in our discussions. These are like moves in a game.
    • Say what we think. Another word for this - we "claim" things, or state our claims.
    • Give reasons for claims.
    • Give examples to support claims.
    • Decide if we agree or disagree,* then say what (not whom) we agree or disagree with.
    • Give reasons against claims.
    • Give counterexamples to show why a claim is incorrect.
    • Change and restate our claims and ideas.