For parents

When you homeschool your child through high school, as I and my family did, you pick up some things along the way.

If you are a homeschooler yourself, even if you follow a plan or curriculum laid down by someone else, you have probably learned that not one size fits all. You end up inventing and adapting - you just have to, kids are different. Some of the things on this website, are things I came up with, that worked. Maybe they will work for you and yours.

But you can't invent everything. Nobody could - it's too big a job. And who needs to reinvent the screwdriver? Find one that works and use it. Some of the things on this website are things that others came up with, that worked.

Most of this material comes from my own experience homeschooling, and leading workshops for children. Therefore it's quite fragmentary; I've neither done nor documented everything! Perhaps some of these resources that I've picked up and assembled along the way, may be of use.

Good luck to you in your educational journey! May you succeed and have as much fun as I did.