Local Homeschool Literature Groups/Book Clubs


More and more, local public libraries cater to homeschoolers. On the one hand they love the advanced reading level and interest typical of homeschoolers. And libraries typically are underused mid-day, mid-week. So if you contact your local public library you may find that they offer a group for yourself or your teen/child.

On the other hand, public libraries are for the public, not for homeschoolers. Therefore they can't go very far (if at all) down the road of "homeschool only" literature groups. Mixing schooled and homeschooled children in literature discussion/study generally involves difficulties, some intractable.

Asking around, local homeschool organizations

There is no one central (or even local) resource, where you can just look up your local homeschool literature group. Sorry if you were looking for that here! The fact is, keeping track of lit groups/book clubs is impractical. Many aren't announced - their leaders and members prefer to keep their groups private. Groups cease to exist; others spring up. Groups change - a mother-daughter book club changes when the leader's son starts to read; a club's age criteria and book choices change from kids to tweens/preteens to teens as the members of the group age. Groups split and merge as attendance changes.

So, finding homeschool literature groups or book clubs is a matter of asking around. Join local mailing lists and homeschool organizations. Check out Facebook, meetup.com, and other such sites. Mention to people that you homeschool; tell them that you'd like to contact other homeschoolers. Most people know someone who homeschools. Get in touch, and ask them about literature study groups for homeschoolers.

Start a group

Don't be surprised if when you ask, others respond "Good idea! Why don't you start one?" If you are really lucky they may say "Let's start one together."

If you can't find a literature group for homeschoolers in your area, you can start one. All you really need are:

  1. Your own native love of literature,
  2. Your own love of kids/teens,
  3. Books to read,
  4. A time and place to meet (typically 2 hours/week in your own house),
  5. About 6 hours per week of your own work to run things, and
  6. Homeschooled kids/teens willing to participate.
With those, and with some of the resources included or mentioned in this website, you can start your own literature group/book club.