Reading Lists

For Teens

Here's a sample list of books that one homeschool teen literature group read. It's not a recommended book list; just an historical record.

There are many lists recommending books for teens. The problem is, you really need to know a person to recommend them a book, and the list authors don't know you. All the list authors have their own ideas of what's valuable, important, and acceptable for teens. Your opinions will certainly differ, and you will not agree with all of their choices. Still, they all wrote in good faith. I find the lists useful and learn a lot from them. Have a look at them and see what may work for you and your group.

Great Books, Best Books, Lifetime Reading Lists

Homeschooled teens generally have sufficient reading ability to read anything in the adult section of the library. But, is a particular teen ready emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically to read some particular book? Will they like it? Will it help them develop? Hinder them? Corrupt or disturb them, even, leaving them to say "I really wish I hadn't read that?"

Impossible to say without knowing you and/or your family. Here are recommendations of books for adults. Use them as you will:

Too many lists? Want them in merged form? Here's a master list of 3,200 recommended books, comprising some (but not all) of the above lists. Have fun and try not to drown in it.

Personal Lists

Over the years, as people homeschool, we read a lot of books. Some people keep track of what they've read. Here are some "personal" lists of books that homeschoolers have come up with. Maybe you can learn from them.

Other Lists

There are other ways to figure out what to read. Here are some possible entry points to this realm: